Aniplus Cafe To Hold Isekai Quartet 2 Collaboration In Singapore

Aniplus Cafe is back in Singapore with its newest anime collaboration with the Isekai Quartet 2 series, an anime that is essentially a giant crossover between many popular isekai titles such as Overlord and Re:Zero.

Customers can expect to see a fully decked out Isekai Quartet-themed interior in the cafe, specially designed to mimic a school cafeteria along with a specially designed menu with themed dishes such as Megumin’s Crimson Explosion pasta and Naofumi’s A Hero’s Destiny soda. 

Naofumi’s A Hero’s Destiny

Purchase of any collaboration items will also entitle customers to receive an exclusive Student ID Card, featuring a member of the Isekai Quartet. Aside from that, there will also be exclusive souvenirs and merchandises to be bought.

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For cosplayers, Aniplus will be holding an Isekai Quartet Cosplay Content where fans all over the world can take part in to win attractive prizes.

The Isekai Quartet 2 x Aniplus Cafe collaboration will be happening from 22 October 2020.

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