Amazon Game Studios Cancels Its Lord of the Rings MMORPG

Alongside the anticipation of the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series, Amazon Game Studios has cancelled their Lord of the Rings MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) announced back in 2019 with Leyou-owned Athlon Games.

The project was slated for a free-to-play release on the PC and consoles was set “at a time long before the events of The Long of the Rings, exploring lands, people and creatures never seen before by fans of the Tolkien universe,” according to an announcement from Athlon at that time. While there is already a Lord of the Rings MMORPG (Lord of the Rings Online) that features Tolkien’s iconic trilogy, it’s a pity and unfortunate for us gamers as we won’t get to explore this other world of Tolkien anymore.

lord of the rings online
Lord of the Rings Online

Since Leyou was acquired by Tencent Holdings in December 2020, the negotiations between Tencent and Amazon has led to a dispute causing the game’s cancellation. According to an Amazon spokesperson, they were “unable to secure terms to proceed with this title at this time.” The entire team originally working on the project will work on other games and added that “We love the Lord of the Rings IP, and are disappointed that we won’t be bringing this game to the customer.”

The cancellation is one of the many unfavourable news for Amazon Game Studios as they have been unable to release a successful video game so far since their launch in 2014. They have cancelled previously announced games like Breakaway and Crucible and delayed MMORPG New World which was originally slated to release in May to August 2021.

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