Adoorable CASETiFY X ‘Doraemon’ Lineup Turns Anywhere Door And Dorayaki Into Phone Case & Accessory

CASETiFY continues to be on a roll, and it’s bringing the iconic robotic cat Doraemon along on the ride. Hot on the heels of a Jujutsu Kaisen collection, the Hong Kong company has announced its latest brand collaboration featuring another beloved Japanese manga and anime series: Doraemon.

CASETiFY Doraemon Collection

Like all of its previous themed offerings, this collaboration takes inspiration from key elements in the show and brings them to life with the brand’s range of accessories. The Anywhere Door, one of the series’ most iconic gadgets, joins the lineup as a 3D silicone phone case, while the Doraemon Collectible AirPods will ship with a detachable Hopter and exchangeable eyes.

In the series, the Hopter (or Take-Copter) is a small piece of headgear made out of bamboo that allows its users to fly; its design has been nicely translated here, sprucing things up with a subtle flair of personality. Courtesy of its magnetic properties, the decorative piece can be easily snapped on or off without any fuss. Switching out the eyes, likewise, proves to be an equally smooth and simple affair, which brings a convenient touch to the mix-and-match process.

The phone case and AirPods are set to retail for US$72 and US$98 respectively, with other offerings in the collection priced from US$48. For those seeking a cover design alternative, there’s also a colourway that takes after Doraemon’s signature shade of blue, complete with customisable pins on the back. The AirPods Max cover, meanwhile, captures attention with its Dorayaki-inspired look that pays homage to the robotic cat’s favourite food.

The Doraemon | CASETiFY Collection won’t officially be available till 27 March (interested parties can register for priority access, however), but selected stores around the globe will celebrate its launch in style. In Osaka, Japan, a life-sized, two-metre tall Anywhere Door phone case greets visitors at the entrance, allowing for real-time communication with other international stores through a built-in screen. It serves as a neat nod to the gadget, which is used as a portal of sorts to move instantaneously between places.


The life-sized Anywhere Door phone case installation lets visitors live out their Doraemon dreams! Check it out in action in Osaka, Japan, along with the Doraemon | CASETiFY Collection, featuring iconic elements from the beloved series. #doraemon #CASETiFY #DoraemonCASETiFY #japan #osaka #whattobuy #geek #anime #iphone #airpods #tech #techtok #geek #travel #fyp #fypシ

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The collaboration extends to accessories made for AirPods, Apple watch bands, iPad, MagSafe chargers, laptop cases, Snappy Ring Stand, and the Snappy Cardholder Stand as well, ensuring a variety of options for users. It launches worldwide on 27 March, and will be available for purchase online via the CASETiFY Co-Lab app and at CASETiFY Studio locations.