World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park Opening In Saudi Arabia, Not Japan

While Japan enjoys monopoly over IP-centric theme parks, it looks like the city of Qiddiya, the tourism resort district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is getting its own Dragon Ball Theme Park!

Based on initial reports, the Dragon Ball Theme Park, is slated to cover an area of over 500,00 square meters. In comparison to Tokyo Disneyland (115 acres), the Dragon Ball Theme Park converts to 123 acres, making it substantially bigger.

dragon ball theme park

Though the country of Saudi Arabia might be more apt for a Sand Land theme park, being able to score a project of this stature is a big win for the Middle Eastern nation.

The Japanese and English official websites for the upcoming Dragon Ball theme park have provided details about the attractions. While the wording differs slightly, both sources indicate that the park will feature over 30 themed rides and attractions, with at least five being groundbreaking or innovative experiences. One notable highlight that both sites seem to confirm is the presence of a massive roller coaster that will pass through a towering 70-meter-tall statue of Shenron, the wish-granting dragon from the Dragon Ball series, which will serve as a central landmark within the theme park.

While no other specific attractions have been officially announced, the preview video for the Dragon Ball theme park provides hints about some potential experiences. Many individuals in the video appear to be wearing augmented reality (AR) goggles or headsets, suggesting the incorporation of AR technology into the park’s offerings.

dragon ball theme park

Additionally, the footage seems to depict a kamehameha training session taking place at a recreation of Master Roshi’s Kame House. There also appears to be a motion theater or similar immersive experience housed within a structure resembling the Capsule Corporation headquarters from Dragon Ball. These could suggest that the park may feature interactive AR elements, as well as themed motion simulators and training experiences inspired by iconic locations and abilities from the Dragon Ball universe.

For now, we’ll temper our expectations and hope that the eventual theme park will do Toriyama’s legacy justice.