Adidas Sneakers Level Up With Neat, Adorable 8-bit Pokémon Flair

Adidas has been on a roll lately, working to deliver themed kicks from the likes of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Naruto, and even Pokémon. The selection is more underwhelming misses than memorable hits, however, which means it’s about high time for the sneaker manufacturer to seek its own redemption.

Building upon its current trend of pop culture themes, adidas is set to drop another Pokémon collaboration that sees Pikachu in all its adorable, nostalgic 8-bit glory. Adorned with a stylish inner lining of first-gen sprites like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Mewtwo, the footwear makes for a minimalist, clean aesthetic, with the other design being the series logo on the tongue.


The official launch of the tie-in sneakers has yet to be announced, but they are expected to go live on the adidas webpage very soon. And while there’s the concern that its pixellated design may not go well with a grown adult’s cut, it’s most certainly a step (hah) up from the team’s previous stitch-on stint. The launch is pretty timely, too, considering the recent release of Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch.

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Petition to call the kicks Pika-shoes, please.

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