Adidas Brings On The Christmas Cheer With Gremlins-Inspired Stan Smith Sneakers

It’s that time of the year again when you and your family huddle around the living room couch to binge-watch (and rewatch) your favourite Christmas movies and shows. But why not take things one step further (literally) by wearing these iconic characters on your feet?

In celebration of the upcoming festive season, Adidas Originals will be launching the Stan Smith “Christmas Monster”, which is inspired by the original 1984 film Gremlins.

Sporting a brown and cream colourway based on the iconic furry Mogwai, this shoe’s upper is made almost entirely of a faux fur/suede material. The brown and cream tones are split between both feet in an interesting asymmetrical style. This is also one of the rare Stan Smith variants that don’t bear any visible Adidas logo on any part of the upper, or even the three stripes down the medial sides.

More strikingly, however, are the eyes of the Mogwai printed on the heel area, replacing the Adidas logo and looking as if the Mogwai itself is looking back at whoever stands behind the wearer.

These sneakers come coated with waterproof GORE-TEX material so you can literally wear them out in rainy weather. Capping off the design of the shoes is the fact that they come in a Christmas-themed shoe box.

The Adidas Originals Stan Smith “Christmas Monster” will be launching on 19 December, and will be releasing on retailers such as 43einhalb for €119.95 EUR (US$145).