During The Game Awards 2017, game developer Josef Fares went off the rails by shouting “F**k the Oscars!” into the cameras, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering the loud roars of laughter from the audience.

Underneath the devil-may-care personality, however, lies a heart full of passion and a mind of great originality – and it shows through in his works. As he shared the concept of his sophomore title A Way Out with the masses, everyone seemed to perk up at the idea of playing through an entire game with a friend online, even if said friend does not have a copy of it.

The brainchild of Fares’ studio Hazelight, it was first unveiled at EA Play 2017 to very positive reception, and follows the story of two protagonists of starkly contrasting personalities, as they break free of prison into the world beyond metal bars. It’s a story of trust and friendship, a progressive journey to something better.

A Way Out is unlike the typical co-op game, however. It’s more than a simple drop-in and drop-out cooperative play experience – players can invite a friend to play through the entire game together. Yes, the whole thing.

In an era where multiplayer games are greatly sought after, this comes as a smart move. Where the conventional co-op titles require both parties to each own a copy of the game, Fares is changing up the field by giving free trials to players without the game, who just needs to be invited by a friend to enjoy it at the lowest cost – for free, that is! After all, sharing is caring.

A Way Out is slated for a PS4 release on March 23 2018, and the wait to bust out of prison cells cannot arrive any sooner.

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Si Jia

Si Jia

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