5 New Things We Know From Latest ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Trailer

We’re less than a month away from the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Marvel has dropped another trailer and five new posters for the anticipated sequel.

The trailer starts with Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) awakening from slumber, talking about how he gets the same dream over and over again every night. The voiceover cracks and it’s Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) saying that instead of a dream, she gets the same nightmare instead. 

Whilst the main villain in Doctor Strange 2 has yet to be revealed, the newly released posters have confirmed certain suspicions we already have and revealed new things we didn’t know that help us put more pieces together as we try to figure out the whole picture that is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Here are the five new revelations.

#1 Billy and Tommy from WandaVision appear 


Whilst Strange has night terrors that seem to revolve around apocalyptic scenarios and his love interest Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), Wanda’s dreams are haunted by visions of her twin sons Billy and Tommy. 

Whilst WandaVision’s finale saw the hero undo the magic that made her sons exist in that particular dimension in the first place, Billy and Tommy were still out there somewhere in the multiverse, calling her. WandaVision implied that Wanda may have something to do with the multiverse shattering into a million pieces, but now we know her participation in the multiversal madness in this upcoming movie will most definitely have something to do with her search for her missing family. 

#2 Wanda’s Sokovian accent is back


When Wanda first joined the MCU in Age of Ultron, she had a Sokovian accent. She later ditched her accent in later movies, and again in WandaVision, speaking with an American accent. Whilst she didn’t talk much in the earlier trailer – and even then it was with an American accent – the new trailer reveals that her Sokovian accent is very much back. 

Perhaps her accent softening up in the later movies was due to her assimilating with all the other heroes, and the concept of WandaVision being based on an American sitcom also made sense as to why Wanda had an American accent. It begs the question – was her accent even gone in the first place? And if so, why is it back? Is it triggered by all the trauma of Sokovia and her grief? Is it due to the isolation she put herself through after the events of WandaVision

Heck, is this Scarlet Witch the one we know, or a variant who speaks with a Sokovian accent?

#3 Wong and Wanda team up 

Wanda and Strange have not spent the most time on screen together up until this point, and the reason why Strange approached her in the first place was because he’s heard of the ‘Westview drama’. Wong (Benedict Wong), however, has always been one to stay out of unnecessary drama. He doesn’t stick his nose where it doesn’t belong and only pays attention to what truly matters (as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Shang-Chi post-credits). 

Even the trailers showed very little of Wong which led many people to theorise that he may be the villain of the movie (or maybe a variant of him). The latest trailer sees Wong team up for a battle with Scarlet Witch. The team-up is unexpected but seeing how Wong is fighting alongside Scarlet Witch against an opponent unseen, we know there’s some team rivalry going on and that the big Ws are sticking together.

#4 Christine Palmer’s disappearing act 

McAdams is returning in the sequel as Christine Palmer, but again, which one? The latest teaser for the sequel not only avoids showing any new footage of McAdams, it also seemingly erases her from a shot that previous photos have included her in.

There are a few different reasons why Marvel may have chosen to erase McAdams from the shot. The first is that the studio doesn’t want fans to be able to glean too much about Christine’s role. One of the leading rumours surrounding Multiverse of Madness is that the Christine we see standing with Strange and Chavez in the film’s cosmic doorway isn’t the same one fans met in 2016’s Doctor Strange, but a variant from another universe. If that’s true – and the unique outfit she’s wearing suggests that it is – it’s possible Marvel has chosen to cut her from its latest teasers in the hopes of preventing too many fans from catching onto other twists. 

Alternatively, it’s possible that McAdams has simply been cut from this scene in the time between the release of the film’s previous teasers and its latest one. After all, it’s been widely reported that Marvel’s been hard at reshooting the movie to include more cameos.

#5 Wanda is a key character

The latest trailer and posters suggest that Wanda plays a much bigger role than lead on. Early trailers and posters sprinkled Wanda here and there, painting her to be an ally to Strange. But the new trailer places Wanda front and centre – it was her voiceover that overwrote Strange’s, it was her experience with Westview and losing her family that was highlighted in the trailer. We then saw a zombie variant of Wanda and even the new poster placed her front and centre.

Could it be that… Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch is the primary antagonist in the film? Hmmm.   

Yes, it is still a Strange-focused movie, but something much stranger is happening with Wanda, we just can’t put our fingers on what yet. 

What are some new things you learned from the trailer? Let us know below! 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres on 6 May 2022.

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