11 Squid Game Zoom Backgrounds You Didn’t Know You Need

Netflix’s Squid Game is the home run hit of the season, its popularity being straight up explosive. There is something so thematically relevant and appealing about people on the down and out getting the chance of a lifetime by playing death games to entertain the grotesquely rich.

And with the ubiquity of telecommuting and teleconferencing in today’s world, customising one’s background during these calls has since become a new way of self-expression. Let others know what you’ve been watching, what you’re into, signal to them that you’re riding the freshest pop culture wave, or perhaps make a subtle commentary about the dissatisfactory hamster wheel life of the modern human with these Squid Game backgrounds.

Or, hey, use these backgrounds because they look cool, with a couple of them even being kind of Wes Anderson-esque.

There are even a couple of vertical backgrounds for when you are teleconferencing on the phone in portrait mode.

These backgrounds come courtesy of Netflix. The streaming service seems to always be able to give viewers what we don’t know we want.

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