10 One Piece Easter Eggs In The Netflix Live-Action Adaptation

The live-action adaptation of the long running and beloved manga and anime series, One Piece, has hit Netflix and rapidly sailed to the top of the streaming platform. Created by the legendary Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece universe is renowned for its rich lore, memorable characters, and countless secrets.

Conversely, the eight-episode live-action series pays homage to the franchise with a wealth of easter eggs sprinkled throughout the show’s swashbuckling world. Let’s dive deep into the ocean of references and nods that make this adaptation a treasure trove for eagle-eyed One Piece fans.

1) Witnesses at Gold Roger’s execution

One Piece Netflix Gold Roger's execution

In the manga, a number of attendees at Gold Roger’s execution would go on to become noteworthy characters in the series. These include Shanks, Buggy, Donquixote Doflamingo, Crocodile, Gecko Moria, Dracule Mihawk, Monkey D. Dragon, and Smoker. We see glimpses of these familiar faces in the live-action adaptation, such as a younger Shanks and Mihawk, and Smoker (who was teased at the very end of the season) as a child.

Mihawk’s small boat, the Hitsugibune, can even be spotted in the sea when the camera pans into and away from Loguetown during this sequence. There’s also a conspicuous character shrouded in a green cloak — almost certainly Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s dad, who frequently dons the same attire.

2) Gyoru

One Piece Netflix Gyoru

When Luffy first begins his adventure, his boat begins to take on water and sink. To escape a watery death, he quickly hides in a barrel of fish, which eventually finds its way onto Alvida’s ship. The barrel is labelled “Gyoru’s,” referencing a character from Windmill Village that Luffy would buy fish from as a kid. The side of the barrel even has a portrait of Gyoru from the manga.

3) Mr. 7

One Piece Netflix Mr. 7

When we are first introduced to Roronoa Zoro in the live-action adaptation, he is approached by Mr. 7 to join the criminal organisation, Baroque Works. In the manga, this scene is mentioned but never actually shown. His design was only revealed (in a rough scribble) in a special Q&A column where Oda responded to a fan who asked, “When Zoro was being scouted for Baroque Works, what did Mr. 7 look like?”

4) Wanted posters

One Piece Netflix wanted posters

When Luffy is observing the wanted posters at the 153rd Marine Branch in Shells Town, we see posters of antagonists that may be familiar to fans of the manga and anime, including Bellamy the Hyena, a former member of Doflamingo’s crew, and Foxy the Silver Fox, a minor antagonist that the Straw Hats come across.

There’s also a poster for Jango, Captain Kuro’s first mate who was omitted from the live-action adaptation, behind Buggy’s poster. Curiously, near Alvida’s poster, there’s one for Cavendish, a pirate we don’t meet until much later in the manga (Chapter 704).

5) Richie the Lion

One Piece Netflix Buggy and Mohji

Mohji the Beast Tamer, Buggy’s first mate, gets a non-speaking role in the live-action adaptation. While he’s usually accompanied by his pet lion, Richie, the creature is nowhere to be seen in the show. He does get a nod, however, after Buggy makes his entrance and asks Mohji, “And where, oh where, was the dancing lion?”

6) We Are!

One Piece Netflix Going Merry setting sail

When the Going Merry sets off on its maiden voyage at the end of episode 4, a rendition of “We Are!” can be heard in the background. This iconic soundtrack is formative for fans, as it was used as the first opening theme for the anime. The track can be heard once more at the end of the season, reinforcing its place as one of the most popular songs associated with One Piece.

7) Krieg Pirates

One Piece Netflix Krieg Pirates

In the source material, Don Krieg is the main antagonist of the Baratie Arc. After entering the Grand Line, Krieg and his crew were decimated by Mihawk, prompting him to return to the East Blue, where he planned to turn the Baratie into his new ship. In the show, however, it appears that Mihawk delivered a more permanent end to the pirate. Hence, Don Krieg is absent from Baratie. That said, his Combat Commander, Gin, still makes an appearance later in the episode to get fed by Sanji.

8) Liar Noland

One Piece Netflix Liar Noland

While Zoro is recovering from his wounds after his fight with Mihawk, Nami reads to him the story of Liar Noland. The fairy tale is based on Mont Blanc Noland, a pirate who made multiple trips into the Grand Line and discovered a city of gold on Jaya. In the manga, the Straw Hats themselves journey to Jaya a little later in the story, where they learn the truth behind Liar Noland.

9) Straw Hats’ outfits

In the Netflix show, the Straw Hat crew go through more frequent costume changes than they do in the manga and anime. Many of these outfits pay tribute to coloured manga covers illustrated by Eiichiro Oda himself.

One Piece Netflix Nami concept art

In addition, Nami’s outfit when she first appears in the live-action series mirrors an early concept art where she sports the same get-up, minus the steampunk limbs and large battle-axe.

10) The East Blue map

One Piece Netflix East Blue map

The map of the East Blue shown over the end credits sees subtle changes across the season, revealing more and more with each episode. This includes tidbits like islands unexplored in the live-action adaptation, such as the Island of Rare Animals, Mirror Ball Island, and the Goa Kingdom. There’s even a tiny illustration of Momoo, a giant sea cow that was employed by Arlong in the manga to intimidate the residents of the Conomi Islands.

What’s more, the map is said to be “Created for The Marines of the East Blue, By the Orders of Commander-in-Chief Kong”. Indeed, Kong is the World Government Commander-in-Chief, and the previous Fleet Admiral of the Marines before he was succeeded by Sengoku, who held the position when One Piece began.

And there you have it. Did we miss out on an Easter Egg that you spotted? Let us know!