10 Geeky Kitchen Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

You may love the holiday season, but does present-shopping stress you out? You are not alone. For those of you who need some help getting your loved ones a gift, we’ve a hand-picked list of interesting kitchen gadgets.

Instead of just getting a pretty but not so useful gift, why not get something functional for the kitchen so they can use it to prepare you a wonderful Christmas feast! Or if you are a Gordon Ramsay wannabe, these items will bring you joy every time you use them.

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BB-8 Themed Timer

Is your Christmas turkey on fire? Now with this new BB-8 themed timer, you won’t ever have this problem again! It’s cute, functional and makes cool Star Wars themed sounds and even lights up to let you know it’s time to switch off that oven! Perfect tool for your next cooking mission.

Pokemon Go Cookie Cutter

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Baking cookies for Christmas? Instead of the usual gingerman, candy cane and Christmas tree shaped cookies, why not try something different? Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Pikachu shaped cookies will be a treat for all, especially for the Pokemon Go fans out there!

Harry Potter Black Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon

Double double toil and trouble! Don’t you want to chant this every time you see a cauldron? If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? Next time you are sick and making yourself some soup, pretend you are a witch/wizard at a Hogwarts Potions class and you will instantly feel better! But of course, please leave out the Eye of newt, the toe of frog, and the tongue of dog.

Darth Vader nutcracker

Pecans, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts. What do they have in common? They are healthy and nutritious but they are also a pain to crack open. That’s when this Darth Vader nutcracker will come in handy! Pop open those nuts with ease for your loved ones and guests! The Force will definitely be with you!

LEGO-inspired Utensils

Whipping up some pasta this holiday season? Use these fun lego-inspired kitchen utensils and everything will be awesome! You get a spoon, pasta drainer and spatula and they click back neatly on to the wall mount to dry off when not in use. They double up as pretty neat wall deco too!

Doctor Who TARDIS Chopping Board

Every kitchen needs a chopping board. You can’t time travel with this TARDIS chopping board, but I’m sure it will make your time in the kitchen pass just a little faster. Its bendy, so it’s convenient to just drop your vegetables and other ingredients right into the pot for cooking.

Captain America Teapot


Are you stressing out over the pre-holiday spring cleaning and Christmas present shopping ? Just keep calm and drink tea. Forget floral and printed teapots, and get this hip ceramic teapot printed with the familiar Captain America shield. Guys too can now unashamedly drink from this manly cool teapot.

Fantastic Beasts-themed Pint Glasses

Shout “Accio! Obliviate! Stupefy!” Anything happening? If you don’t see anything then I guess you are a No-Maj, but you can still enjoy your butterbeer or regular beer with these Fantastic Beasts- themed pint glasses. With cool prints and designs from the Harry Potter world, these glasses make getting ‘Stupified’ (or unconscious) all the more fun!

Star Trek Captain Kirk Apron

Trying to make a trifle but it’s just not working out? Don’t give up! You may not be the captain of the starship USS Enterprise, but you are the captain of the kitchen! So get this apron, make a plan and get cooking while keeping your clothes clean!  You may just go “where no man has gone before” in creating a delicious feast for your loved ones.

Ghostbusters Travel Mug

If you are stuck at work till late, and it isn’t looking good. Who you gonna call? Ok, not the Ghostbusters. But, you should just get yourself some strong coffee in this really cool Ghostbusters travel mug. It looks like it has scary green slime oozing out of it, and this may keep the actual ghosts and also coffee-stealers away.

Happy holidays and happy feasting you all!

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