With Over 3 Million Downloads, Ys 6 Mobile Game Marks Singapore Beta Launch with Limited Exclusives

Arm yourself, as cult classic Japanese role playing game, Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (a.k.a Ys 6 Mobile) is launching its open beta to Singapore players, unleashing the mystical realm of the 30-year-old cult classic game, and sixth installment of the Ys series, to a new generation of mobile gamers across the nation.

Developed by Japan’s most prestigious game studio, Falcom, the mobile port of the highly rated 2003 console RPG game made its mobile debut in July 2021 in Japan, before releasing in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, where it topped the charts in both the Apple and Google Play stores, with over 3 million downloads. Riding the wave of success, the game now makes its way to local shores, and fans of the series, when it was available on PC and game consoles then, can relive the adventure in one of the most acclaimed RPG games ever released.

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Ever since Ys 6 Mobile TVC got onto social media, the video has received close to 200k views in less than 4 days, and the mobile game is still trending and spreading like wildfire!

In Ys 6 Mobile, players embark on a breathtaking adventure across Canaan Island exploring every corner from the Holy Zemeth Santum, Rehda Village, Rimorge Port to the wild mountains and mysterious underwater caves, and unfold the ancient secrets of the land.

Adventurers will play alongside Adol, a world-famous adventurer who has penned thousands of travelog volumes, and his pet companion. After an attack launched by a fleet of Romun ships, Adol finds himself on the Canaan Islands by the daughters of the chieftain of the nearby Rehda village. It is from here that the adventure and story  unfolds.

To participate in the open beta, claim this limited-time exclusive redemption code “PRECANAAN” in the game on both Google Play and App Store. This code presents players with an in-game gift pack worth up to S$7, and can be activated from 6 May – 15 June 2022 only (T&Cs apply).

While the original game is 30 years old, the mobile version offers major graphic updates, bringing the visuals on par with modern JRPGs, while still retaining its classic PlayStation2 aesthetic, to provide fans with a dose of that beloved Ys graphic style. The mobile port also comes with a thrilling soundtrack and background music, as well as a variety of in-game challenges to keep fans coming back frequently for more exciting adventures.

With the introduction of cross-world adventures, players will be able to meet other players online, and build a roster of comrades to support them along their fantastical journey as they do battle across dungeons, story mode, boss raids and treasure hunts.

The vast world of Ys is now more social and interactive, as players will be able to engage in a variety of multiplayer activities, from enjoying leisure activities such as home furnishing, farming and collecting herbs, to building a guild and forming raid parties to defeat challenging bosses. 

The game also offers players the opportunity to forge romantic relationships that can culminate in grand in-game weddings that come along with exciting couple gifts. Players can also conjure pets to accompany them on their adventures, whilst also improving their pet’s combat abilities and giving them stylish makeovers.

Right from the get-go, players can customize their character and select from five different character classes, from a brutal warrior, agile ranger, stealthy samurai, clinical assassin, or a spellbinding mage. Character progression is an indispensable aspect of each adventurer’s journey, allowing players to craft their characters towards one of nine sub-classes.

For more info on the game, visit the official website and follow the game on its social media channels: Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube.

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