This is Your Chance to Get a Cheap Nintendo Switch to Singapore for US$299 via Amazon

It just went live gamers. Amazon is now shipping the Nintendo Switch to Singapore for US$299 + taxes.

That’s much lower than the S$650 local retailers are charging, as they also force players to pick up a bundled game as well. It’s even cheaper than the $500+ prices seen on Shoppee or Lazada.

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The caveat? You have to pay the prevailing GST amount since its more than the S$400 allowed but that still places the Switch at $450. Right now the Neon and Gray Colours are available online.

You will also need to sign up for Amazon Prime, though there’s a 30 day trial for those who have not used the trial service before.

You better hurry because when this same deal went live last month, the deal was redeemed within the first 20 hours, even though there was 60 hours left on the deal.

And since you’re already Prime, wait a few days and pick up some games while you’re at it. Amazon offers a Prime discount of 20% for pre-order so add Mario Odyssey to your list. There’s also a small discount on Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8. Just remember to keep this order under S$400 or the tax man will come knocking.

If you can wait, why not pick up the upcoming Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Special Edition. It comes with special limited edition red Joy Cons and a special red case. Happy shopping!