You Must Be Worthy To Wield The New LG Wing

After foldable smartphones, what’s next for our trusty handheld communicators? Surely, not a phone that looks like it can confer the powers of a certain God of Thunder?

As it turns out, that seems to be the case, with the new LG Wing. This smartphone is quite an exquisite new take on the increasingly-popular dual-screen device with its unique Swivel Mode feature. In essence, this gives the phone a second screen by way of a swivel mechanic that rests underneath the 6.8-inch OLED primary display. Rotated, it reveals a smaller 3.9-inch OLED display underneath.

Before you make jokes about it resembling all manner of objects (we imagine Thor’s iconic hammer Mjolnir being one of them) and coming up with the inevitable memes, this feature does have its merits. For one, it essentially eliminates the need for a gimbal when held upright, thanks to the new Gimbal Motion Camera which comes with an innate image stabiliser, which is essential for content creators who shoot tons of video.

Swivel Mode also lets users use two different apps on each display; you could be playing games while the main display is on landscape mode while scrolling through the latest news on the secondary one, or navigating through maps in portrait mode while taking calls. There are a multitude of scenarios in which one can use (wield) the LG Wing, which will no doubt appeal to power users.

That is, if they can get over the fact that they’ll be holding a hammer-shaped phone.

In any case, the launch date and price for the LG Wing will be announced at a later date, although a press release states that it will be launching first in South Korea sometime in October 2020.