You Can Pre-Order This 24K Gold PlayStation 5 For US$10,000

While we don’t know the exact pricing of the PlayStation 5 yet, Microsoft has been making headlines for the recent price reveal of the Xbox Series S (though maybe not for the best of reasons). But if you’re a little too anxious to wait for more updates from Sony, here’s a PS5 decked out in 24K gold (that’s pure gold for the layman) that you can snag for a modest price of £8,099 (US$10,500).

This special-edition PS5 is courtesy of UK-based Truly Exquisite, who does luxury bespoke designs of some flagship devices and tech across the market. Yes, we’re not kidding, these folks have found a way to install pure gold onto the exterior of the PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, DualSense controller, and 3D Pulse headset.

Aside from the 24K gold, there are also the slightly more expensive 18K rose gold and platinum variants, depending on your preferences (or if you have a little more spare change in your wallet). Also, you can order the DualSense controller and 3D Pulse headset separately (from the looks of it, they appear to only come in 24K gold), if you just want to flex with the new accessories. In any case, here are the prices for each unit:

Each order of the gold PS5 comes with a “luxury wooden display box” so you can have somewhere to store your items in when it’s not in use. Also, it’s nice that they’ve included free international shipping and insurance for your convenience.

Pre-orders start on 10 September on the Truly Exquisite website, should you have some spare change in your wallet. Act fast, though, as there are only 250 units for each of the three different finishes available.

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