You Can Pre-Order The PlayStation 5 On Amazon Right Now

The announcement of the launch date and price for the PlayStation 5, sprinkled with the reveal of a couple more AAA console-exclusive titles has no doubt been the talk of the town this week. However, the most important question for many now is, when exactly can we pre-order Sony’s new console?

Up until this point, Sony PlayStation has done all but reveal when one can pre-order the PS5, only stating that it can start “as early as tomorrow [18 September] at select retailers” on Twitter. As it turns out, you can apparently pre-order the PS5 on Amazon US and Amazon UK now.

If it is currently unavailable for you, just be sure to add it to your wishlist or get notified via email the moment it is back up if you want to secure your console.

If Amazon isn’t working for you, the alternative is Target:

Before you start frantically adding the PS5 to cart, know that there are two potential caveats to this (other than the fact that the official pre-order dates have yet to be announced). Firstly, there have been reports saying that there might be a shortage of PS5 units (we’re talking in the millions here) as a result of faulty hardware. Sony has yet to confirm whether more units are being produced to offset this shortage.

Secondly, even if there are units up for pre-order, Sony has enforced a strict one-console-per-order rule to curtail potential hoarding by scalpers. As such, pre-order quickly before stocks run out, but with caution.

In any case, the PlayStation 5 will launch on 12 November in the US and other select regions, and 19 November for the rest of the world. The standard edition will retail for US$499.99, while the digital edition will retail for US$399.99.