You Can Now Turn Your Apple TV Into A Classic Super Famicom

The Apple TV is known to be sleek and minimalistic. Its black matte surface looks pretty with any TV console ever. Yet, we geeks can always do better. 

Here to the rescue, a Nintendo Super Famicom themed case for the fourth-gen Apple TV by Elago.

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Made out of flexible silicone that can protect your console from scratches and drops. It fits perfectly on the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

Even though it was not explicitly marketed as a Super Famicom replica, it is quite clear from the identical button placement, the signature colors used, and cartridge slots. There is an opening for the HDMI input and power cables so you can easily plugin or out your Apple TV without having to take out the case. The case can also be paired with an Apple TV remote controller case that is made to look like a retro Famicom controller.

The case is a perfect gift for yourself or for friends and family. Get the Apple TV case and other Nintendo inspired cases on Elago’s website and costs US$25 (S$33).