XM Studio’s New Power Rangers Statue Is Red Hot

Dear Saban…. this is how fans remember the Power Rangers, and this was the design you should have used for the recent live-action movie.

Singapore collectible maker XM Studios remembers, and is launching their new Power Rangers Premium Collectibles collection with the one and only Red Ranger, and it looks ridiculously cool.

Right, we know – the physique is a little more muscular than we remember from the Saturday morning TV series, but hese statues are made of cold-cast porcelain at 1:4 scale (about 45cm X 46cm X 48cm), hand-crafted, hand-painted and given the XM treatment. For all that effort, Red looks mighty fine. A little too ripped, to be honest, but we’re not complainin’!

Plus, this model comes with changeable arms for holding his Power Sword, Dragon Dagger or Blade Blaster. You can also power him up by gearing him up in his Power Armour! The statue also comes with an art print Carlos Dattoli, and the first 25% of all orders will get signed prints by the XM Core Creative Team!

A 2 week made-to-order limited quantity is available now at SG$990, or pay just SG$891 if you make full payment, so get this statue on XM’s website now! It’s morphin’ time!