X-Mini Releases Three Affordable Bluetooth Speakers With More Bang For Your Buck

Without headphone jacks on phones an tablets, wireless speakers have taken over.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 at Las Vegas, Singapore-based speaker company X-mini unveiled their latest in their Bluetooth speaker line: the X-mini TWISX, the X-mini SUPA 2, and the X-mini CLICK 3. Each of them is handy in their own way and suit different types of scenarios.

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Do note that these model designs are prototypes, so the final product may differ upon release in the second half of the year.

The X-mini TWISX is the newest member of the family.

From the onset, it resembles a water bottle and is designed for portability, weighing at just under 400g. It’s also designed to take in the most punishment, with its cylindrical design and water-resistant material. It can even fit into your bicycle’s water bottle carriage, allowing you to take your sounds anywhere, anytime. Its 12-watt triple driver system ensures that you’ll have quality sounds wherever you take it.

Judging from its name, you’d have to twist the bottlecap-like part – patented as the X-mini Proprietary TWISX Control – to adjust the volume (clockwise for up, and anticlockwise to wind it down). The TWISX packs a 5,200mAh battery, which can provide up to 12 hours of playtime, making it ideal for picnics, barbecues, or any other outdoor activity. Another interesting feature to note is that it has True Wireless Stereo, which allows it to be paired with another TWISX to give you left and right stereo sounds.

The X-mini TWISX will retail for S$81.90.

The X-mini SUPA 2 continues the retro-inspired vintage boombox design from its predecessor and is the leanest and meanest of the three here.

A 30-watt speaker with six interior drivers (a marked improvement over the original SUPA), it also packs the most complete punch of the bunch. Specifically, it comes with three preset EQs – Clarity, Vocal or X.Bass – each which offers a wide range of sound stages to suit your music tastes.

One of the two main features that make it stand out among its peers is the Smart Magnetic Maestro controller on top of it, which powers the SUPA 2 on or off when you remove it from or put it on the top of it.

The controller houses your standard playback functions, volume and EQ control, and the ability to answer phone calls. The other feature is the ergonomic carrying arm, which doubles as a tilt stand so that you can place it wherever you so please at your home.

The X-mini SUPA 2 is priced at S$209.90.

The petite X-mini CLICK 3 is an improvement over its predecessor, possessing stronger sounds and connectivity.

Weighing at approximately 92g, the CLICK 3 offers the best portability without compromising much on the aural end, housing a 40mm driver. It also has a strap that allows you to literally wear it on your person and bring your music around, or take selfies with.

Yes. It’s being branded as “Made for Selfies”, as the CLICK 3 comes with a camera-inspired shutter release button at the bottom. When taking pictures with a paired phone, you can just click on the button, imitating the flash burst of a normal camera.

Similar to the TWISX, the CLICK 3 comes with True Wireless Stereo that allows you to pair two CLICK 3’s for that sweet dual-sound experience.

The CLICK 3 goes for S$39.90.

All three are slated for release sometime in Q3 2019.