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X-Men Director Matthew Vaughn Says ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Save Marvel

It’s no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been on a losing streak lately, with recent entry The Marvels being the MCU’s lowest grossing film. It’s hard to replicate the Endgame-level hype for the franchise Marvel enjoyed, but Deadpool 3 might just get audiences excited for another MCU movie.

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With an oversaturation of MCU movies being released, audience fatigue has been felt across the board. After Endgame (spoiler alert) killed off plenty of fan favourites, Marvel is struggling to entice audiences back to the cinema with its new offerings. So the studio decided to try something different with Deadpool 3, having it being the only MCU entry this year in a first for Marvel.

The fight between Deadpool and Wolverine (or Wolverine vs. Deadpool, says Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine) is “unbelievable, the Marvel universe is about to have a jolt of them and it’s going to bring that body back to life… I think Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are about to save the whole Marvel universe,” said director Matthew Vaughn in an interview for his latest film Argylle.

Deadpool 3 recently wrapped filming, shared titular actor Ryan Reynolds in an Instagram post, and the news comes after an exciting week for the movie. The film will be in theatres on 26 July 2024.