Woman Rescues Husband’s Gundam Collection In Raft With Her Dog In China Flood

Many relationships often see a tug-of-war between a geek and their spouse over just how geeky their household can be. One would consider themselves lucky just to be able to buy a figure or two to display in their homes. Others, not so much.

But you know your spouse is truly a keeper when they go out of their way just to save your precious, precious collection, of all things that could’ve been salvaged.

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Such was the case with a couple in Yudong, Chongqing, China, where a massive flood – the biggest one in Southern China since 1981 – ravaged many homes in their residential area and beyond. While their city was still half-submerged in water, a woman literally went out of her way to go back to her home just to save her husband’s Mobile Suit Gundam collection.

9GAG reports that the woman climbed onto an inflatable raft and paddled to their apartment, with the help of her dog Oreo.

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She then managed to hoist herself up to the second floor of their apartment by smashing through the windows (cutting her finger in the process), and retrieved all the boxes of her husband’s Gundam figures and paddled back to where her husband was.

The husband, a non-swimmer, had already intended on abandoning his collection, but his wife, who also happened to be a Gundam enthusiast and a builder of Zaku mobile suits, insisted on rescuing them.

Claiming to be a long-distance swimmer herself, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and hence rescued her husband’s collection.

If that’s not true love, we really don’t know what is.

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