Wield The Force In Devil May Cry 5 As Kylo Ren

Devil May Cry 5 saw the return of titular crowd favourites Dante and Nero, but also brought along a new party member for the ride – the enigmatic, mysterious V. With his wavy black hair and stern, gaunt features, players have noticed that he bears some similarities to Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars trilogy, and modder Nxus64 has now turned that observation into reality.

It’s a great show of the fan’s modding prowess, as the familiar-summoning human swaps out his sleeveless leather coat and cane for Kylo Ren’s cloak and lightsaber in impressively accurate detail. Unlike the Keanu Reeves mod in Metal Gear Solid V, however, the former still retains his original appearance, so it’s more of a wardrobe and weapon change than anything else.

Nonetheless, the Kylo Ren makeover would make for a good accompanying addition to the Nero’s Cool Naruto Shirt mod, which definitely increases the level of light-hearted geekiness in the game. What’s perhaps not so cool is V improper handling of the lightsaber – come on, it’s got a grip for a reason.

It does fit into V’s whole dramatic, cool-as-cucumber persona, though, especially when he’s reciting those William Blake lines.

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