Who Wants a 1/4 Scale Hulkbuster Phone Charging Station?

The world is going nuts over Iron Man collectibles. This upcoming creation by Hong Kong-based King Arts takes the cake. They’ve gone ahead and made a massive 1/4 scale Hulkbuster Statue Phone Charging Station. The base has a slot for docking your smartphone (looks big enough to fit any phone it seems). It should have have no trouble housing any iOS or Android phone’s charging cable, since there is a slot in the base for you to place your own cable.

If your geek den has the space, and you have HK$16,500 (approx. US$2,000) to spare, this could very well be the ultimate phone charging station, that should be future-proof.

Another nice touch is how the arc reactor is removeable and can be used as a powerbank to continue charging your phone while on the move. I’m just wondering how many mAh juice it has, it had better be an amount worthy of an arc reactor!

This video should give you a better idea of the statue’s scale and quality: