Virtual Pop-Star Hatsune Miku Sings Her Way Into Magic: The Gathering

Anime / Japanese-centric cards have always been a big hit with the Magic: The Gathering community. In the past we’ve seen collaborations with Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa and Yoshitaka Amano, of Final Fantasy fame, lending their talents for unique (and highly sought-after) card art. Now, with Vocaloid Hatsune Miku fronting a Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drop marks a first with Hatsune Miku getting her own unique alternate art cards.

The six-card set titled, Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar, is part of a four-set release of Secret Lair drops and will go on sale from 13 May 2024 with non-foil versions retailing for US$29.99 and foils for US$39.99. Prices look to be pretty decent considering that we would also need to expect the inclusion of a secret card might give this release plenty of value!

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From the outset, the drop does not have any high-value reprints with the most expensive being Miku, Lost but Singing, Inspiring Vantage and Miku’s Spark, making up the biggest hits in this set. In terms of playable staples, these three cards will easily find a place in any deck. Imagine casting Miku’s Spark to win the game as opponents admire your love for the Vocaloid.

One key thing to note would be the changes made to Secret Lair drops in recency. All Secret Lair sets are now a limited print run meaning that once they are sold out, it’s gone forever. So if you’re a big fan of Hatsune Miku, be on standby to grab them once the product is listed as we expect this set to sell out immediately.