Vacuum Habits – Dyson Dust Study Reveals 7 In 10 Singaporeans Don’t Clean Enough

Singaporeans don’t like to clean. Sure, we can be forgiven for not cleaning our lampshades, pet baskets, and stairs (for the rare few who live in multi-storey houses), as according to a recent Dyson Dust Study show, over 90% of us love to ignore these home locations.

But the most disgusting thing that we tend NOT to do, is to not vacuum our mattresses and sofas.

The study, which was conducted with a total of 32,282 respondents from 33 countries, finds that 68% of Singaporeans don’t vacuum these two key home furniture, which are places where we spend more than a third of our living lives on.

That’s just gross guys. How do you not vacuum your mattresses?

dyson dust study 2022 neglected spaces when cleaning

Sure, 94% of Singaporeans say they are cleaning more than before, but are they cleaning the right places, with the right tools?

Singapore would probably get an F grade if we look at the results from the study. And here’s why according to this Dyson Dust Study.

Mattresses can be home to millions of dust mites. Dust mites are not harmful by themselves, but their faeces, which we lie on every night, are triggers for many allergies. To compound the issue, more than half of pet owners in Singapore let their pets onto their beds, which bring with them a host of microscopic ‘friends’ such as mites, dander and bacteria.

dyson dust study 2022 what is in your dust

To stay clean, most of us just change our bedsheets (hopefully regularly enough). Dyson says that won’t be enough to get rid of all the bad microscopic things that harm us. The best thing you should be doing is vacuum every surface in your home, starting with your beds.

What about steam cleaners, some of you may ask?

Dyson says that is even worse, which is not unexpected, but their reasoning is sound. Like a mop or a wet cloth, where you are using chemicals to try to kill the microbes, steam tech uses heat to attempt to scald these things to death. Even if you kill the mites, the microscopic elements such as mite faeces and dog dander, which are the actual cause of allergic reactions, still remain on your mattresses and sofas. The humid conditions introduced by using water also encourage the growth of microorganisms. After all, if you kill a cockroach, you will remove it from your home right?

dyson dust study 2022 dust mite and its faeces
Dust mite and its faeces

So what’s the moral of this Dyson Dust Study?

Vacuum your home folks, especially your mattresses and sofas. Regularly too and not only if you spot dirt, because there are a million things you won’t see. And of course, Dyson hopes you’ll be using their well-built vacuum cleaners for the job.