The Dyson WashG1 Dedicated Wet Floor Cleaner Launches This July

While solid objects can be easily vacuumed up, spilling a drink or sauce usually means grabbing a mop to deal with stains, but with Dyson’s first dedicated wet floor cleaner, the Dyson WashG1, handling tough stains is a breeze.

dyson wash g1

The 1-litre water tank covers 290m2 of flooring on a single charge and allows users to customise hydration levels based on floor types and debris, making it customisable when dealing with different types of stains, from spilt food to pet waste. Designed with convenience in mind to clean hard-to-reach surfaces, the WashG1 also glides effortlessly under tables and furniture and picks up debris or removes stains just as easily.

What’s unique about the WashG1 is that it has a built-in 500-micron mesh filter and a removable debris tray to separate dirty water from solid debris, so cleaning out the tank is mess-free and hygienic. It also comes with a self-cleaning mode that flushes out any residue from the system after you’re done and thoroughly cleans the machine’s rollers for its next use.

The Dyson WashG1 will be available online and in retail stores from July 2024 and retails for S$999. Interested buyers can sign up on Dyson’s website to be notified of its release when it arrives.