US$100 Motion Sensing Poké Ball Replicas Now Available For Pre-order

Pokémon trainers everywhere rejoice! The Pokémon Company has teamed up with British prop makers The Wand Company to produce the first-ever die-cast Poké Ball replica with motion sensors that light up whenever it is near someone’s hand. 

The Wand Company is famous for making a number of collectible props based on popular pop-culture franchises, such as Star Trek phasers, Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers, and of course, Harry Potter wands

Aside from the Poké Ball, the prop makers will also be making replicas of the Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and the Premiere Ball, which are all slated to be released in 2021. 

According to The Pokémon Company, aside from its proximity-sensing technology on the replica Poké Ball, one can press the button on the Poké Ball to change the “light colour or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.” The replica will also come with a presentation case and stainless-steel ring that collectors can use to display the Poké Ball. The case even comes with a touch-sensitive metal plaque that lights up the Poké Ball.

Unfortunately, unlike real Poké Balls, the replica is unable to open up and the manufacturers have emphasised that the Poké Ball “must never be thrown”.

This Poké Ball is not a toy – it is a collector’s display piece, designed for display only,” The Wand Company warns. “It has a premium finish, is made of heavy die-cast metal and should be handled with care. Throwing the Poké Ball will damage it and may injure someone.” 

Of course, with each Poké Ball costing US$99.99, we imagine not many will be willing to throw their balls in the first place. Preorder for the Poké Ball is now available for those living in the U.S., Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, with shipping expected to start on Pokémon Day aka 27 February 2021.

More details on the replica Poké Ball can be found on The Wand Company’s official website.