Upcoming Korean Armored Saurus TV Series Looks Like Zoids & Power Rangers Mash-Up

Do you love dinosaurs, giant Zoids and Power Rangers? If you answered yes, then you might want to check out the upcoming Korean sci-fi series, Armored Saurus.


Releasing a total of 52 episodes this 2021, Armored Saurus follows a Dino Rider named Jin and his destiny. The destiny in question? To ride the invincible Red Dragon – a weaponised T-Rex – and lead armoured dinosaurs in a battle against evil robots bent on destroying Earth.

armored saurus

This CG live-action will see the friendship between the dinosaur and the dino riders grow stronger as they work together to fight against an army of extraterrestrial mechas.

armored saurus

As seen from the trailer, the show is looking like it’ll be incredibly action-packed and will be a delight for fans of mechas and dinosaurs altogether. It also seems like it will be a lot of acting in front of the green screen but if it’s going to deliver on sick dinosaur animations, especially robot dinosaurs – you can sign us up.