Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World Opens Its Doors On 18 March

Sometimes, dreams do become reality…well, sort of. In the case of Nintendo enthusiasts, the incredible-looking Super Nintendo World is certainly a fantasy come true – and it’s set to welcome visitors very, very soon.

The theme park will officially open its doors on 18 March 2021, which coincides nicely with the 20-year anniversary celebration of Universal Studios Japan. That’s good news and all, but it does come across as a little surprising, considering how the country has yet to lift its state of emergency in the Osaka prefecture – the reason for the attraction’s delayed opening in the first place.

No matter the case, there’s bound to be plenty of excitement in store for individuals. Not only is it the first park to feature Nintendo characters and settings, it also offers a unique, game-like experience, in which coins, keys, stamps, and other items can be virtually collected by punching question mark blocks around the premises. All of these will count towards the score progression system displayed on-wrist Power-Up Bands and smartphones.

Other notable elements include nostalgic N64-style polygonal aesthetics, Mario-themed merchandise and food, and iconic locations found in the Super Mario titles. Elsewhere in Universal Studios Orlando, progress on Super Nintendo World has been postponed till 2025.