Unboxing The Star Wars The Black Series The Child “Baby Yoda” Figure

Well, after months of fascination with the latest Force wielder, it looks like the honour for having the first official collectible figure for The Child aka “Baby Yoda” hit stores goes to Hasbro. Just a few days ahead of May the 4th, the breakout star from the hit The Mandalorian TV series is now available in 6-inch The Black Series scale.

The Child, as he is officially known, also earns the honour of being the cheapest, and tiniest The Black Series figure (packaging-wise too) ever released. Just take a look at how it can even fit in the palm of any hand with ease. In fact, the box is so tiny that the back of the packaging doesn’t even have space for any artwork, it’s just a wall of the usual warning and copyright text.

One wonders why Hasbro didn’t include a hover crib with the figure, as it would have been nice touch, especially if it came with a transparent stand for it to hover next to the Mandalorian himself.

The figure stands at a mere 3cm tall (1.1 inches), and comes with a nice clear plastic holder to store The Child’s three accessories, the controller knob “ball” toy from Mando’s Razor Crest, soup bowl and alien frog. The clear plastic holder will come in VERY handy, to safe-keep that all-so-tiny controller knob – just look at the size of that thing, it’s bound to go missing in a heartbeat.

The figure itself has 7-points of articulation. The tiny feet can only shift about ever so slightly, but at least the arms, hands and head are on ball joints, so there’s a decent rant of poses The Child can pull off. He can look up and coo to his friends, look down at his yummy alien frog, hold his knob and bowl, and even use the Force. The head sculpt and paint are very well done, especially for its scale. Even down to the details of his tiny bits of white hair, slightly textured and painted.

Awww look at those tiny, slightly poseable feet!

No photoshoot with The Child is complete without having Mando in it. As a nice little bonus, Mando’s hands are articulated to hold the controller knob perfectly between his index finger and thumb. Be careful not to lose it when it drops!

The Child reaching out to Mando’s controller knob.

The Black Series The Child Figure is out in stores now, and retails for S$19.90 (US$9.99). It’s going to be easy to miss at the store due to how tiny the box is. This is bound to get snapped up like hotcakes! Even for folks who don’t normally collect The Black Series figures won’t be able to resist having “Baby Yoda” take up a spot at their workstations.

Amazon.sg is currently taking pre-orders for The Child, and although it states shipping till start from 25 May, we’re counting on it to be earlier, now that the stocks have already arrived.

“Eh, where’s my hover crib?”