Unboxing & Playing The Monopoly: Transformers Edition (2021)

After setting aside the exciting Jurassic Park Monopoly set we unboxed, and packing away our traumatic experience with the destructive T-rex on the loose, it looks like Hasbro isn’t quite ready to retire their classic fast-dealing property trading game just yet.

This time around, the toy company has merged Monopoly with one of the biggest toy franchises ever developed, to form one game that will bring the fight of good vs. evil from across the universe, into their living rooms. Loosely based on the characters from the Transformers Universe, the Transformers Monopoly Set brings six iconic robots as they battle for Energon, and the rights of the land they walk on. 

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Unlike the Jurassic Park edition, this Transformers inspired set is not at all as complicated nor frustrating, as this edition mimics the majority of the original board game’s rules and objectives which is to buy, sell or swap property until only one man is left standing, just with a different theme.

Starting with the iconic Monopoly tokens, players are able to choose from six self-configuring robotic lifeforms from the planet Cybertron, and not just any kind at that, but the option to either side with the benevolent Autobots or the deceptive Decepticons. This further enhances the game as participants get to really battle it out with one another as they take on the forms of giant robots at war.

On the Autobot side, players may choose from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock, whereas the Decepticons consist of Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Although it might be hard to identify who’s who at first glance, after scrutinizing each token, the weapons that they hold and wear are great indicators of their identities. 

While each one has a metallic silver sheen, these aren’t die-cast though each one- inch tall token is relatively heavy compared to the Jurassic Park tokens that we played with before. One thing we find ironic is that each of these tokens are better designed and crafted than the accompanying miniature figures packed with Hasbro’s recent Unicron toy, which looked like blobs of plastic with limbs. Each of the small tokens here have also been designed to showcase the intricate details of their respective body parts, from Optimus Prime’s energy axe, or the insignia on Megatron and Soundwave.

Looking at the board itself, it does get overwhelming not seeing the familiar property names, but we assure you that each space is similar to the classic Monopoly, just that the aesthetic and names are changed to better fit the theme. Instead of Boardwalk and New York Avenue, we get iconic Transformers location, including Iacon City and Preatorus Wharf. 

There are three types of properties found on the board spaces – locations that come in colour sets, Space Bridges and Titans. These properties can be bought if unowned, and if a player falls on any owned property by another participant, they would need to pay with their Transformers-themed Monopoly money its owner according to what’s written on the Title Deed card.

Owners of each Location in a colour set may double the energy fee for those locations and add Energon Cubes and Energon Bunkers, which are the Transformers Monopoly board’s version of houses and hotels. The same rules apply, players would need to first own four Energon Cubes to be able to purchase an Energon Bunker and each location is limited to only one bunker each. Those who have added cubes and bunkers will be able to collect even more fees from players who land on it. 

In conjunction with the Transformers theme, the Chance and Community Chest cards have been transformed as well for consistency and relevancy. These cards have been changed to Autobot and Decepticon cards. Each card from these decks have two sections, and those playing as an Autobot would read the red “Autobot” section, while those playing as Decepticons would read the “Decepticon” section in purple. Although the situations for each section are different, the action that the player would need to take remains the same. Just remember which side of the Cybertron war you’re playing as and you’ll be good to go.

The other components of the board remain the same from here on out. Those who find themselves in Jail have three options to choose from to get out, either pay Monopoly $50, use a get out of jail free card or be able to roll doubles on your next turn. Additionally, deals and trades still do apply where players may buy, sell, or swap their properties at any time during the game especially for those who are on the brink of going bankrupt.

Overall, the experience of playing the Transformers edition of Monopoly is similar to the original. If you’re looking for a rather tame Monopoly board or just a big fan of the Transformers franchise, this is one to get. With all the different versions that Hasbro released of the Monopoly board game, it has certainly become a collection to look out for.

Hasbro’s Monopoly: Transformers Edition is now available at all Singapore major toy speciality and departmental stores and e-tailers including, Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee.