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Twitch Breach Reveals Top Earning Channel – US$9 Million Paid To Dungeons & Dragons Streamer

We knew that Critical Role, a group of amazing voice actors running an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign, was successful. But, we didn’t expect it to be THIS successful.

With a recent Twitch hack, first reported by Video Games Chronicle, in which hackers obtained info such as:

  • The company’s source code
  • Info on all properties Twitch owns
  • A possible Steam competitor, Vapour, from Amazon Game Studios
  • Streamer payouts since 2019

The hack has since been confirmed by Twitch themselves –

Within the 125GB info dump on 4chan, were supposed payouts for all the top streamers on the platform. Since August 2019, topping the charts is Critical Role who walked away with a cool US$9.6 million for their hard work.

Mind you, this is but only Twitch advertising payouts only and does not include other streams of income for the channel.

Here’s a list of the top streamers with data obtained from the hack (in USD), cumulative payouts since August 2019 –

  1. Critical Role – $9.6 million
  2. xQcOW – $8.4 million
  3. summit1g – $5.8 million
  4. Tfue – $5.2 million
  5. NICKMERCS – $5 million
  6. ludwig – $3.2 million
  7. TimTheTatman – $3.2 million
  8. Altoar – $3 million
  9. auronplay – $3 million
  10. LIRIK – $2.9 million

See any familiar names? Twitter user KnowSomething has compiled a list that also breaks down earnings by month as well –