Turning Pain into a Game – No Average Joe’s Owe Money Pay Money (O$P$)

The business world can be brutal sometimes, from impossible deadlines to impossible customers, not every day is gonna be a smooth sailing one. For content production company, No Average Joe (NAJ), this became a golden opportunity to draw on the colourful experiences and channel that frustration and pain into… a video game.

Thus, O$P$ was born.

A retro-inspired side-scrolling brawler, O$P$ (or owe money, pay money), is set to be populated with references, puns, innuendos, and a groovy soundtrack to boot. With no prior game development experience, the team at NAJ got together with some friends and an ex-intern and waded into uncharted waters. Of course, with a subject matter as familiar as this, it was bound to grab some fans, and the local gaming scene has been pretty excited about the game. Whether it’s the interesting backstory, the satisfying beat-em-up, or just its graphical throwback, O$P$ has us itching to play.

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And you can do all that at the O$P$ booth by the NAJ Arcade, which will be returning to the premier gaming convention here in Southeast Asia, GameStart 2017, for the third consecutive year! Do check them out for more arcade action, a live painting showcase by local illustrators, SlothStudio, and handmade arcade machines by the debuting Retrocade!

O$P$ | Gameplay Trailer

If small businesses are the backbone of our economy, then why do we have this game? #owem0neypaym0ney #NAJarcade[trailer music by Tze Bob a.k.a. The Inimitable Hock Seng]

Posted by Owe Money Pay Money on Monday, September 25, 2017

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