Turn Your Home Into A Conference Room With Updates To Google Meet And Google Duo

Working from home with video calls has become the norm in 2020 for most folks, and as such many tech companies such as Google have had to adopt their strategies in order to meet the demands of this new normal.

The American tech giant has recently announced new updates coming to its Google Meet and Google Duo platforms to provide businesses and individuals with more tools to boost their productivity in online video calls.

For the former, users will be able to use Google Meet on Google Cast, which lets you display your meetings on your TV or Smart Display, instead of having to squint your eyes to look at your colleagues or students on the tiny displays on your laptop or smartphone.

This update is available now.

In addition, users of Google Duo will be able to port their sessions over to Android TV. This update allows users to start one-on-one and group calls from their TV. No camera? No problem, as one can simply connect a USB camera to their Android TV.

Google will be launching a Beta version of this update for Google Duo over the next few weeks.