The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Documentary Will Make You Wish The 90s Were Back

The birdman is taking flight again, as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is going to hit us with nostalgia through a new documentary. Announced by the man himself on Instagram, Pretending I’m a Superman will debut at Mammoth Film Festival at the end of February.

The documentary is likely to explore how Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater came about, the history of the sport in the medium, and the impact the game had on skateboarding as a whole.

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Almost as iconic as the PlayStation itself, the first game in the franchise first launched in the late 90s, and gave us awesome sequels and spin-offs.

20 years on, the series has pretty much been dead in a ditch. Generations of gamers have missed out on dominating the streets with Tony Hawk. Perhaps Pretending I’m a Superman will convince more to hop back to the old games, and convince Activision to remake the famous series. We know they already have plans, now make it happen!