Tom and Jerry Asymmetrical Mobile Game Now Available In Southeast Asia

Asymmetrical mobile games are nothing new, with titles like Dead by Daylight and Identity V available on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

This time, NetEase, who was also behind the release of both the games on mobile devices, has partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to officially launch the first-ever 2D 1v4 asymmetrical mobile game, Tom and Jerry: Chase in Southeast Asia

Like other asymmetrical games, players in Tom and Jerry: Chase can choose to either play as a cat or a mouse. As a mouse, players will team up with others to gather cheese around the map while making fun of the cat. Or they can choose to play as a cat and embark on a quest to catch the mice before all the cheese is gone. 

The launch in Southeast Asia will bring with it five new casual modes: Cheese Frenzy Match, Team Speedrun, Clone Battle, Fun with Fireworks, and Operative to add a little more fun to your gaming experience. 

Players can choose from one of several popular characters to play as, including cowboy Jerry and cowboy Tom. 

To celebrate the launch of the game in Southeast Asia, the game will release massive bonuses and events to welcome new players. By completing a 7-Day Challenge, players will be able to receive a free A-class skin for King Jerry. 

Tom and Jerry: Chase is now available on iOS and Android devices in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor, and Brunei. 

No announcement as to whether the game will be made available outside of Southeast Asia has been made yet.