Thor: Love And Thunder Merch Reveals First Look At Jane Foster’s Thor Armour

It looks like fans may have been given a first look at the new armour Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will wear in Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

Twitter user @loveandthundernews posted a photo of a crew member’s T-shirt from a wrap-up party that displayed Thor and Valkyrie’s updated armour, as well as the first look of Jane Foster’s armour.

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From the looks of the merchandise, it appears that Marvel is sticking to her comic book appearance. Whether or not this is an indication that her story arc will remain the same as the Mighty Thor comics is still unconfirmed.

Portman had previously hinted that Jane’s cancer storyline from the comics will factor in Thor: Love and Thunder, but she didn’t get into specifics about how. In the comics, Jane acquired all of Thor’s superhero powers when she lifted Mjölnir. However, every time she transforms into Mighty Thor, her cancer would worsen.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love And Thunder recently wrapped up filming and is now in post-production. The movie is expected to hit theatres on 6 May 2022.