This Chonky Life-Sized Psyduck Is Exactly What We Need And You Can Buy It Online In Singapore

Remember the girlfriend stealing life-sized Mareep? Well, now it seems like more tough competition is around the corner as the official Pokémon Store in Sinagpore is now offering the life-sized Psyduck plush!

Standing at 80cm (2 ft 7in) tall, this huggable toy is the quintessential ingredient for recreating your own Pokémon memes!

Maybe, you might even like to try out the Japanese netizens’ trend of creating traumatised soft toys after a trip round their washing machines.

Moreover, despite clutching its head in it iconic stress-fuelled pre-headache pose, all 80cm of the Psyduck plush is stuffed full of cuddly goodness and is the perfect stress reliever if you ever need something to squeeze your emotions into. The plush is going for S$399 online.

If you prefer something smaller as your bedside companion, there is also the adorable Eeveelution-nap-series (S$64 each) available.

For fans looking for a more relatable Pokémon, there’s always the Mochi Texture Cushion Snorlax (S$70). Because, what activity could be more engaging than simply laying around snoozing all day?

And of course, the series won’t be complete without the ever iconic Pikachu. The Pikachus here are extra special of course. Fitted in cute outfits, they are none other than the Cosplay Pikachus! The ones available in store are the Lapras Poncho (S$33.66), Cabin Attendant (S$28)and the Celebi Poncho (S$33.66) Pickachus.

Moreover, the Lapras Poncho and Celebi Poncho Pikachus are also available as bag charms (S$17.82), perfect for carrying around with you!

It seems like there will be no end to the number of chonky Pokémon plushies that will be made available to us. You can head over to the official Pokémon Store on Shopee to order them now. Gotta catch ’em all!

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