The Xbox Series S Toaster Is What You Knead To Eat Memes For Breakfast

A slice of toast for breakfast? Microsoft says boring. The company’s Xbox Series S toaster is here, and it lets you eat memes for breakfast (yes, really). With it, any form of pastry — from bread and muffins to frozen waffles — will have the Xbox logo burned onto it, reinforcing the true gamer identity.

Xbox Series X Toaster

Images of the toaster started surfacing nearly a year ago on French websites, but it’s now being sold at Walmart for US$39.99. Sporting the same black vent design on its console sibling, it offers six levels of browning, a removable crumb tray, an LED countdown, a defrost button, and other toasting features.

The Xbox Series S toaster joins the Xbox Series X mini fridge in turning memes into reality, which begs the question: when will Microsoft release a full kitchen appliance lineup? According to France-based news outlet Xbox Squad, who first tweeted about the toaster, more products based on the latest-gen console could be on the way, including cutlery sets, pens, and the like.

This isn’t the first toaster made for gamers, either. Bungie has previously released a Destiny-themed toaster, which would toast the game’s Tricorn logo onto a piece of bread. Keeping up with its April Fool’s tradition, Razer also promised to make a toaster of its own, but it doesn’t to be bready just yet (excuse the pun).

What a world to live in! It’s unclear whether the product will eventually be available globally, but we sure hope it does.