Amazon Prime Debuts First Look At Fallout Series

Amazon Prime Debuts First Look At ‘Fallout’ Series

Set for an April release in 2024, Amazon Prime Video‘s upcoming adaptation of the popular Fallout series is beginning to show more vibrant signs of life in recent times. Now, thanks to a Vanity Fair exclusive, fans now have the closest look ever at how life is in the Vaults as well as in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Amazon Fallout series

Developed by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the images are immediately recognisable to fans of the role-playing games. The blue Vault suits, the unmistakable cogwheel doors, and the Brotherhood of Steel looking good in their Power Armor, the look and feel are definitely on the right track.

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As for the plot itself, it is familiar Fallout fare for the Amazon adaptation. 219 years after the nuclear bombs have fallen, we join Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, as she ventures out of the safety of the subterranean Vault on a rescue mission, and is confronted by a planet that is full of danger. Giant insects, mutated creatures, and ghouls roam free, a perfect mix of excitement and danger.

“The games are about the culture of division and haves and have-nots that, unfortunately, have only gotten more and more acute in this country and around the world over the last decades,” Nolan explained, which also opens up the avenue for social satire and the questioning of values.

“We get to talk about that in a wonderful, speculative-fiction way; I think we’re all looking at the world and going, ‘God, things seem to be heading in a very, very frightening direction.’”

“Lucy is charming and plucky and strong…and then you see she’s confronted with the reality of, hey, maybe the supposedly virtuous things you grew up with are not necessarily that virtuous. If they are virtuous, they’re couched in a circumstantial virtuousness. It’s a luxury virtue. You have your point of view because you never ran out of food, right? You guys were able to share everything—because you had enough to share.”

The charm and humour of the Fallout series will also be front and centre in the Amazon series, with Todd Howard being a key part of the process as well.

“We had a lot of conversations over the style of humour, the level of violence, the style of violence,” added Howard, who is an executive producer of the show. “Look, Fallout can be very dramatic, dark, and postapocalyptic, but you need to weave in a little bit of a wink…. I think they threaded that needle really well on the TV show.”

Amazon Fallout series

With the show being canonical in the history of the franchise, it will definitely be something not to be missed by fans. In fact, it will likely provide fresh perspectives about the long-running lore. Fingers crossed then.

The Amazon adaptation of Fallout will start streaming on 12 April 2024.