The (Singapore) Dreamcore PC – Power in a Tiny Package

Singapore’s very own homegrown DIY PC desktop and laptop custom builder, Aftershock PC, is in for a wake up call.

Local custom PC company Dreamcore wants in on the custom building, and it is specialising in small and fully customisable PCs. Their flagship product, the Dreamcore PC, is touted as the “smallest fully-customisable PC in Singapore” and more importantly, a “hassle-free upgrade path away from proprietary hardware.” If that is exciting for you, you will also be glad to know it’s all housed neatly in gorgeous aircraft grade aluminum chassis that has a tiny footprint.

It is also launching at the IT SHOW 2017 this week.

The desktop computer’s importance in this day and age cannot be understated, especially for power users. If you do not have a powerful machine capable of running crisp displays at smooth framerates, or multi-task like someone with ADHD, you are missing out on the almost unlimited potential of these mechanical workhorses.

However, you often have to sacrifice aesthetics for power with a few exceptions (Aftershock comes to mind), and towering behemoths that are tough on the eyes are commonplace. This may no longer be the case if Dreamcore has something to say about it!

Founder Shaun Tan established Dreamcore at the end of 2015, amidst a saturated market of custom PC makers. Citing a fascination with creating systems with a smaller-than-usual form factor, he started Dreamcore with the hope that it can carve out a niche audience, and the Dreamcore PC certainly looks the part. Dreamcore is currently a one-man start-up operation, though Shaun enlists the occasional assistance from friends, family, and independent contractors. And he is open in admitting that the company’s future will hinge on the reception towards its product.

The Dreamcore PC may look small, but inside it packs some awesome components, for only S$1,950 for the base model:

  • 7th Gen 3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB 2133MHz Memory
  • 250GB M.2 Solid State Drive
  • 1TB HDD
  • NVIDIA Geforce 1050Ti 4GB
  • Windows 10 Home 64Bit

Bringing more value to the consumer is The Dreamcore Ecosystem, a support program that customers can utilise for servicing and upgrades. Purchase new components from the company with free installation, service and at least a year’s warranty, which adds a plus in our books, considering how fragile components can be.

With its attractive exterior, standout size, and value-for-money price point, Dreamcore might just make it big in the coming months. Look out for the official launch at the IT SHOW 2017 from March 16-19 2017, or pre-order here.

We will also be reviewing the Dreamcore PC soon, stay tuned for more updates regarding this new player in the PC market!