Seems like it’s going to be another waiting game for fans of the Predator franchise.

The first teaser trailer of The Predator has just been released, and in its wake is a cocktail of disappointment, negativity, and frustration from enthusiasts. Hope was initially riding strong that the fourth installment of the popular sci-fi series would finally answer the fanbase’s prayers to bring back the magic of the original movie, but alas, it only ended up as a huge letdown.

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Things are about to get worse, if a leak of the Shane Black-led film is anything to go by. An anonymous post on Pastebin has provided a succinct summary of the entire screenplay, and it sure isn’t looking good for the fans:

Typed out in an informal style, it does appear to be made-up. However, there are some elements in the trailer that seem to allude to the narrative, especially for the beginning parts. As stated, the leaked content is not penned down by the source themselves, which means it’s highly likely to be adapted from other news outlets, with the best guess for that being a SplashReport article.

Dating back to around a year ago, it reportedly contained a report that gave away the details of The Predator. Since then, it has been taken down at the request of the studio, suggesting that the posted content was probably legitimate.

In any case, the screenplay details are extremely disappointing. Cliche troupes notwithstanding, the decision to use autism as a plot device is in poor taste (unless the movie can pull it off well), and the entire storyline simply comes across as disorganised and bland.

Disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow, so fingers crossed that this isn’t the actual script, because Predator fans deserve so much more.

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