The Nintendo Switch: What We Know & Don’t Know

Just yesterday at 10pm SGT, Nintendo unveiled its upcoming console called the Nintendo Switch. Codenamed the Nintendo NX, this new console is tiny, comes with its own dock and can be played on the go, has detachable controllers for single and multiplayer purposes, runs on cartridges, and is scheduled for a March 2017 release.

Check out the official video above.

As with any new console, we can’t help but speculate on the what ifs and whatnots. So here’s what we know and what we don’t know:

There’s Already 5 Games Showcased


The 3 minute video showed the following games: Skyrim Legendary Edition, Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and a new Super Mario game. We’re already familiar with the first four games, but the Mario title is something we haven’t seen before.

Honestly, it’s going to be tough to top Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Galaxy in terms of pizzaz and gimmicks. But if anyone can wow us with a new Mario title on a brand new Nintendo console, it’s still legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

It’s Encouraging Multiple Players In The Same Space & Field

The video showed off two guys playing Mario Kart on the same console, as well as a segment where four people are practicing Splatoon on separate consoles before a tournament in the same room. It seems that the Nintendo Switch is taking advantage of its portability and how multiplayer-friendly it’ll be.



How it’ll work in detail, we have yet to figure out though. Will there be features like shared play ala Mario Kart on the DS (one cartridge shared between four or more players with multiple Switches)? How will your personal account travel across systems?

You Can Win A Nintendo Switch In Nintendo’s Official Splatoon Tournament


There’s a European Splatoon tournament going on that’s organized by the ESL. The tournament will last for six months, with the top prize being the Nintendo Switch.

The 3DS Isn’t In Any Immediate Danger. Or Is It?

With its rising user count and sales number worldwide, there’s no doubt that the 3DS is the de facto portable console. We doubt that the Nintendo Switch will cannibalize its cousin’s userbase; that’ll be silly.

But we do wonder: will the 3DS work in tandem with the Switch? Since the Switch seems cartridge-based, will 3DS cartridges and even DS cartridges fit inside it? Will there be a need for a tablet-like controller to connect with the Switch to act as the “second screen” for 3DS gaming on the Switch? So many questions, Nintendo…so many questions.

Here Are The Companies Making Games For Nintendo Switch


That’s 48 partners so far.

We Know What’s Powering The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s new console is powered by a custom Tegra processor and an NVIDIA GPU graphics card chipset. Not only that, it also has an in-house custom software for devs to use and make games on, including a revamped physics engine, advanced game tools, and whatnot. The console’s focus is to bring lightweight and fast gaming for people.


Granted, we’re not looking at a phenomenal leap in graphics and next gen tech, but we believe its look and main hook is more than enough to attract people.

What’s Its Lifespan Outside Of The Dock?


That’s the elephant in the room at the moment. Surely something as portable as the Nintendo Switch needs some word on how long it’ll last. Judging from its specs and Nintendo’s history with portables, we’re going to say less than 10 hours. Let’s hope it’s not as weak as the Wii U’s gaming tablet, which barely lasts beyond 3 hours.

How Much Internal Memory Will It Have?

We’re in an age where we’re used to having huge gigs of spaces in our consoles to install digital versions of games. It’ll be interesting to find out how many games and apps you can install within the Nintendo Switch. Even better, will Nintendo release a first-party “memory cartridge” where you can slot in a mini SD card in it? You know, like in an R4 cartridge?

What about the Wii U versions of games going to be on Nintendo Switch?

Say you have a Wii U with a ton of games. Now you wish to buy a Nintendo Switch next year because of all that on-to-go shenanigans and that sweet detachable controller. Now what’s going to happen to the games you own on Wii U? Will there be a crossplay option ala Xbox One and Windows 10?

If Nintendo does not do this or come up with a better crossplay plan, there’s going to be hell to pay here.

Maxsoft Is Bringing It In

If the Wii and Wii U in Singapore is anything to go by, there’s a huge chance Maxsoft is bringing this console down to Asia for better or worse. And there’s a slight chance the console and the games will be sold at a higher price; we have to factor in distribution costs and shelf space costs. There’s also a good chance it’ll be out a month or so later than its US target date, if the Wii U and 3DS launches were anything to go by. We reckon that early adopters in Asia will have their wallets wrecked by this.

With all these facts and questions, one thing is constant: it’s going to be an interesting next five months for the house that built Mario. Bring on the next few Nintendo Direct video features, guys!

On that note, I’d like mine to be in the original NES colors please (via this link)