The New Sega X Seiko 60th Anniversary Watches Are The Perfect Flex For Retro Gamers

It’s only natural to want to go big or go home when one is celebrating their 60th birthday. For Sega, it’s certainly the case, with the iconic video game company, having released multiple mini versions of its various home consoles, and even rehashed old advertisements in style in commemoration of this momentous occasion.

However, the Japanese company isn’t done yet with the festivities.

Recently, it partnered with premium watchmaker Seiko to release a set of limited-edition watches. The Sega X Seiko 60th anniversary watches will appeal to just about anyone who’s ever played a Sega game, or has owned a console in their life.

These watches come in silver and black variants, and are packaged in premium velvet cases. They both bear the Sega logo on the watch face, as well as on the back. Aside from the logo on the watch face, the inner watch faces, as well as the 60-second mark on the tachymeter are lined with Sega’s iconic blue hue, for a nice subtle hint at the company’s mark without standing out too much.

The Sega X Seiko 60th anniversary watches will release on August 2020. Pre-orders are now available for both models on the official Sega store. The silver model will retail for ¥44,000 (roughly US$400), and will be limited to just 800 units. The black model, on the other hand, will retail for ¥47,300 (roughly US$430), and will be limited to just 400 units.

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