Sega’s New Mascot Is The Son Of Sega’s Old Mascot

The Sega mascot business runs in the family, it seems. Back in the good ol’ Sega Saturn days of the 90s, the Japanese game giant established itself as an advertising great with a whole range of entertaining, if not, quirky content.

But among them all is the legendary Segata Sanshiro, a fictional martial arts expert who would exert force on individuals just to get them to play the Saturn console. Played by Kamen Rider star Hiroshi Fujioka, the iconic character is modelled after a judo fighter from an old Kurosawa flick titled Sugata Sanshiro, which is also a remake of a movie of the same name.

30 years or so down the road, and the actor’s real-life son, Maito Fujioka, has followed in his father’s footsteps. Where the former’s appeal was in his stern demeanour and sheer martial arts prowess, the latter is all charm and friendly smiles, with his dad’s judo gi draped over his shoulder in a cape-like manner.

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The stint is part of Sega’s 60-year anniversary. The OG Sanshiro will be missed, but at least his legacy continues to burn strong in the form of his young successor. Like father, like son, indeed.

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