The Last of Us Is Reportedly Getting A PS5 Remake

The gaming market is no stranger to remakes and remasters, with the dawn of next-gen gaming on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X allowing for more opportunities to revisit the past…or the not-so-distant past. As it turns out, Naughty Dog title The Last of Us, which was first released for the PS3 in 2013, will reportedly be getting a PS5 remake sometime soon.

According to Bloomberg, the project is currently codenamed T1X, and remains in development at Sony with Naughty Dog at the helm and Sony’s Visual Arts Support Group rendering additional assistance. Further details about the remake have yet to be announced.

Sony Bend (formerly known as Bend Studios), meanwhile, will be helping Naughty Dog with an untitled multiplayer game on the side. Unfortunately for fans of Days Gone and Uncharted, there won’t be any continuations planned for both games at this stage.

The prospect of a The Last of Us remake is equal parts curious and exciting, and it’d be interesting to what else the studio has up their sleeve, especially with the game having already established itself as one of the greatest narratives in the field.