‘The Archies’ Comic Series Reborn As Indian Rock N’ Roll Musical On Netflix

Rock N’ Roll, skates and shakes, and love and heartbreak! Netflix is adapting the popular Archie Comics into a live-action Indian Musical in The Archies.

Announced at Tudum 2023 in Brazil, The Archies is a coming-of-age musical set in the 1960s and the fictional hilly town of Riverdale and follows the lives of Riverdale’s favourite gang of teenagers – Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Ethel and Dilton. It will explore themes like friendship, freedom, love, heartbreak and rebellion through the lens of the Anglo-Indian community too.

If there’s anything we can infer from the trailer, is that The Archies is a close adaption of the popular comic book series with its pop of colours, loud prints, dancing, rollerskates and of course, shakes and burgers.

Portraying members of the Archies gang are Mihir Ahuja, Aditi Dot, Khushi Kapoor, Subhana Khan, Yuvraj Menda, Agastya Nanda and Vedang Raina. The movie is directed by Zoya Akhtar and is produced by Tiger Baby.

the Archies

As fans of the comics will know, this isn’t the first time the IP has been adapted for screen. The CW’s Riverdale hit series first debuted in 2017 and will be wrapping up with its seventh and last season this year. Riverdale also took a different approach from the comics and focused on the highs and lows of high school football and the sinister crimes that terrorised the town instead. The Archies

Currently, no release date has been announced for The Archies.