The Anacrusis Is A New FPS That Looks Like A ’70s-Themed Left 4 Dead Set In Space

Be prepared to hop onboard a spaceship stranded in space, for developers Stray Bombay Company has officially announced their upcoming first-person shooter co-op, The Anacrusis.

The four-player cooperative FPS is set in a sci-fi world with a unique 1970s set design, with the trailer featuring a variety of perks and weapons that can be unlocked by players to help them survive against the onslaught of aliens.

The Anacrusis draws inspiration from and bears a huge resemblance to Valve’s popular zombie shooter hit, Left 4 Dead. Indeed, the undead proves to be familiar territory for writer and studio founder Chet Faliszek, who had worked on the 2008 title before setting up Stray Bombay Company with former Riot Games designer Kim Voll.

The game will be set to compete against the Left 4 Dead franchise’s next title, Back 4 Blood, when it drops in Fall 2021 on PC via Steam.