Tencent Partners Up With Square Enix To Create A New, Potential Gaming Giant

Whether we like it or not, politics will have an effect on games, and the recent development happening in China is no different.

China’s Tencent and Japan’s Square Enix have announced that they are entering into a strategic partnership that will result in the establishment of a joint-venture company. This new company will develop new intellectual properties for AAA titles, licensing of existing games, and more.

A few of the game titles under Square Enix

For Tencent, this move follows a tightening on video games in China. The Chinese government is regulating the number of new online video games, as well as restricting the time that young people spend online playing games. The government cited the rising numbers of myopia in their youth population as the reasoning behind the regulation. This regulation decreased the value of Tencent Holdings by around US$20 billion.

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By partnering with Square Enix, Tencent will gain more hold in the international market, as Square Enix is well known around the world for titles like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. For Square Enix, they’ll gain massive resources which Tencent have as one of the biggest investment corporations in the world. Being the company behind the popular messaging app WeChat and their new game distribution platform WeGame, Tencent will also be able to market any titles that they develop to a wide, international market.

And the international market is not something foreign to Tencent having spread their influence with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

There are not much more details than this or how this partnership would work exactly. What we can probably look forward to is more new AAA games, maybe with an exclusive, WeGame only release.

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