Telltale’s The Walking Dead Now Revived By Skybound

While fans of The Walking Dead have been devastated and outraged and disappointed by news that Telltale Games is folding under forces of a gruelling economy — thereby depriving them of the last two episodes and much anticipated finale of the widely acclaimed, narrative-centric, emotionally-riveting zombie video game franchise — Skybound Entertainment (who’s been in charge of the franchise’s comic counterpart) has since saved the game from an early retirement. And Telltale’s The Walking Dead crew, who have previously been laid off, are once again back in business.

That’s right, development efforts have resumed for Episode 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead’s final season.

While some fans may have been alarmed to see The Walking Dead titles delisted on Steam along with other Telltale works, Skybound has spoken up on their website to reassure their anxious audience that it’s merely for the transitional period they’re in right now and they’ll “have everything back online ASAP”.

They’ve also promised fans already holding onto Season Four that they will not be required to pay extra for the final episodes, which will be available for download upon release. And that should be a breath of relief for a fair number of people out there.

While no release dates have been announced for either upcoming episode, we’re asked to watch Skybound’s site for more updates, and frankly, we’re just thankful we’ll be getting those episodes after all.

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